GamerFame Rules

It is the responsibility of members to read and fully understand these rules and policies before participating in any tournaments. These rules apply to all tournaments.

GamerFame is a tournament platform where mobile gamers can use their skills to compete for cash prizes. GamerFame does not host games of chance, and all winnings are based on your ability. Practice. Play. Win!


Everyone with an apple device  is eligible to compete in GamerFame competitions! Cash competitions are available to all players over the age of 18 in areas of the world where cash gameplay is allowed by law. Cash competitions are enabled in about 75% of the world, including 38 U.S. states. Cash gameplay is currently not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN. Additionally, cash gameplay is currently not available in ME and IN if playing cards are involved. In order to play for cash, your device location settings must be enabled to ensure eligibility.

User and Game Rules

A user can only have one account active at a time. Users can enter a tournament any number of times up to the maximum allowed slots for the tournament. Users can enter any number of tournaments as well. The account owner should be the only person participating on their account.

If a tournament ends in a tie, the contestants who tied will split the the cumulative funds of the tied positions. For example, if a tournament paid out top 3 places and two people tied for second, they would split the cumulative second and third place prizes.

Disputes and Cheating

If you have an issue with tournament results, please email with your issue. A GamerFame team member will review your ticket and respond within 48 hours. A ‘Contact’ button is available in all GamerFame games to open a contact request for support. In the event that a contestant’s connection prevents them from completing a game, we accept no responsibility.

All tournament entries are final.  GamerFame recommends that all tournaments be played via reliable WiFi, and without physical movement where one could lose their connection to GamerFame servers.

No third party programs can be used in conjunction with GamerFame games. Anyone using technology to enhance their gameplay will be banned from the site and their account will be terminated.